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Max Hornigold


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Max specialises in Employment Law, Personal Injury, Civil Claims and Police Law.
Max has dealt with a wide range of Employment Law matters, both for the Employer and for the Employee. These matters include but are not limited to Unfair Dismissal Claims, Wrongful Dismissal Claims, Age/Race/Disability Discrimination, Redundancy, Harassment Claims and breaches of the Human Rights Act. He is also experienced in dealing with settlement agreements.
He has an extensive knowledge of Personal Injury Law extending to Road Traffic Accidents, Accidents within the Work Place, Tripping Cases, Public Liability Cases and Catastrophic Injuries. He has dealt with clients suffering from catastrophic life changing injuries and has assisted in ensuring they
achieve a successful result alongside facilitating their recovery, also working under the rehabilitation Code. In addition he has represented numerous police officers in obtaining compensation for injuries suffered in road traffic incidents whilst both on and off duty.
Max has experience in obtaining compensation for clients who have suffered a wide range of psychological injuries such as PTSD, Anxiety, Driver Anxiety, Depression, Adjustment Disorders and Somatic Disorders. He has frequently dealt with such cases from former or serving Police Officers that have incurred psychological injuries as a result of their employment.
He has also brought cases against the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) for injuries inflicted as a result of a criminal act.
Max has also dealt with a multitude of high-profile cases against the Police and in support of Police Officers, including Claims under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal, claims for Malicious Prosecution, Misfeasance in Public Office, Racism within the Police Force, Dangerous Dogs Act Claims and Breaches of the Human Rights Act. He has attended the High Court on such matters.

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“Absolutely fantastic service. Took such a weight off my shoulders. Resolved everything with minimum fuss and explained everything. Carol Bradford is so lovely she put my mind at ease right away. Thank you so much”.


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