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Inquest Law

Solicitors at Taylor Law are committed to providing high quality legal advice with support at an often difficult time.

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Why Taylor Law?

Inquest Law – An Inquest is always a difficult time for all involved.

When a loved one dies suddenly in circumstances you don’t understand then speaking to our specialist Lawyers at Taylor Law will guide you to getting the answers you require. 

Inquests are not about blame, that is for the criminal investigations.  They are about finding out how, when and where your loved one came to their death.  A Coroner may suspect a person died of a violent or unnatural death, the cause of death is unknown, or the person may have died whilst in Prison or Police custody.  We can assist you and provide the expertise and support your need. 

Our Solicitors have represented Families, Police Officers and Police Forces in Inquest Proceedings.

We have years of experience in helping families with the Civil or Criminal liability that can follow


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