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Chris Bennett

Chartered Legal Executive

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  • Job Title: Chartered Legal Executive


Chris is a Chartered Legal Executive within our Employment/Pension team at our London office. With
a robust grasp of regulatory, employment, police misconduct, civil, and public law matters, Chris
stands as a guiding presence, offering profound insights and clarity in a myriad of legal complexities.

In respect of Employment Law, Chris’s adeptness shines as he represents the interests of both
employers and employees. His proficiency encompasses a diverse range of domains, including but
not confined to Unfair Dismissal Claims, Wrongful Dismissal Claims, matters concerning
Age/Race/Disability Discrimination, disputes revolving around Redundancy, Harassment Claims, and
cases involving breaches of the Human Rights Act. His expertise is further underscored by his proven
success in skilfully negotiating settlement agreements, a testament to his ability to secure favourable
resolutions beyond the confines of the courtroom.

He has represented a significant number of police officers in the Employment Tribunal. Most
notably he assisted a Federation member in the following:

Chris brings to the table an unwavering honesty, coupled with a remarkable ability to distil intricate
regulatory issues into language that resonates with his clients. This invaluable skill provides his
clients with a sense of assurance during what can often be trying and stressful situations.

Regarded as an eminent expert in ill-health retirement and injury pension issues, Chris’s reputation
is especially prominent within the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW). His regular
appearances at the Police Medical Appeal Boards on behalf of officers and former officers
underscore his dedication to advocating for those in need. Notably, Chris specialises in representing
individuals grappling with psychiatric injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), offering
them a voice and a path toward justice.

Chris’s achievements include his role as a pivotal member of a team that orchestrated a remarkable
group action. This endeavour encompassed 80 claimants in a case revolving around Regulation 37
pension reviews. Following the Court of Appeal’s ground breaking decision in the Laws v PMAB case,
the restoration of injury awards for all former Metropolitan Police injury pensioner claimants
ensued. This historic achievement translated into payments of approximately £4 million in back
pension and interest—a testament to Chris’s prowess and unwavering dedication to his clients’

Beyond his legal acumen, Chris’s contributions extend to educating and empowering the Police
Federation’s members across the country. He runs training sessions on ill-health retirement and injury awards, a testament to his commitment to sharing knowledge with Police Federation Representatives around the country.

Chris regularly represents Police Officers through post-incident procedures, IOPC investigations, gross misconduct proceedings, coroner’s inquests, and applications for judicial review.

Clients find not only a seasoned professional but a compassionate advocate who champions their
rights and navigates them through the intricate legal landscape.

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