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Julian Gaskin

Senior Solicitor – High Court Advocate

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  • Job Title: Senior Solicitor
  • Admitted as a Solicitor 01.05.1997

  • Area of Law:

Criminal Law
Regulatory Law
Police Law
Inquest Law
Employment Law
Personal Injury
Road Traffic Law


With an impressive legal career spanning over 22 years, Julian Gaskin stands as a experienced
Solicitor and High Court Advocate who brings an a significant depth of expertise to his clients' legal

Julian's extensive experience has seen him collaborate extensively with a diverse range of
organisations, including prominent bodies like the Crown Prosecution Service, Environment Agency,
Trading Standards, Health Care Products Regulatory Agency, Local Authority regulatory bodies,
Health & Safety Executives, Security Industry Authority, and HM Revenue & Customs.

His successful track record is a testament to his prowess in defending a wide spectrum of regulatory
and fraud-related prosecutions. Julian's capabilities extend to areas as varied as money laundering
and confiscation orders, compliance and crisis planning, counterfeit goods (including clothing and
cigarettes), unlicensed medicines' importation and distribution, and matters concerning pro-quality
building and maintenance work.

In the realm of criminal law, Julian is highly experienced in handling complex and serious
investigations. He has skilfully navigated cases involving homicide, murder, death by dangerous
driving, conspiracy to supply Class A drugs, rape, and fraud, including welfare benefits fraud.

Furthermore, Julian's experience extends to the field of environmental law, where he has engaged
closely with the Environment Agency, addressing issues such as salmonid poaching, illegal fixed
engines, and pollution incidents.

Julian has also made significant contributions by assisting the Police Federation of England & Wales.
In this capacity, he offers his expertise in representing Police Officers in criminal, employment, and
police discipline procedures.

Julian's recent achievements highlight his proactive approach to advocating for his clients' interests.
He played a pivotal role in successfully challenging a Notice of Suspension of Licence for a children's
home under Section 20B of the Care Standards Act 2000, which was issued by Ofsted.

With a consistent presence in both Magistrates and Crown Courts, Julian is sought-after for his
comprehensive representation in a wide range of road traffic legislation cases. His proficiencies span
the spectrum of offenses, including drink and drunk driving, dangerous driving, failure to stop and
report an accident, driving without a license, failure to name a driver, mobile phone offenses, and
exceptional financial hardship arguments. Julian is also an expert in handling special reasons not to
endorse applications, applications to restore driving licenses, and numerous other facets of road
traffic law. His adeptness in these complex matters reflects his dedication to securing the best
possible outcomes for his clients.

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