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Lee Xavier


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Lee has over 25 years’ experience in dealing with all areas of commercial litigation and employment disputes.

He is also a qualified mediator through the ADR Group.

Lee has been a Partner in niche litigation practices in the City of London and this has been reflected in the caseload he undertakes which is mainly in the high court.

Lee has been involved in diverse cases from a multi-million pound claim against a sovereign state to recovering several hundred thousand pounds stolen from a charity due to a directors gambling addiction.

Many of the cases Lee has been involved with have been reported.

In his most recent position Lee has been working on multi million pounds civil fraud claims and in particular claims against the gambling industry.

Acting mainly for claimant’s, lee has always enjoyed the challenge of “David v Goliath” and as such most of his clients have remained loyal to him.

Lee is always seeking to obtain the best results for his client’s and prefers to have an open dialogue with them so that they are always fully aware of their position.

Insolvency – Stein v Blake (1995) UKHL 11
the effect of automatic set off in bankruptcy and power of Trustee to assign rights in action

Trust – Murphy’s Will Trust (1998) ChD
Where a claimant could show that he might have an interest under a discretionary trust

Personal Injury – McNallen v Commerzbank 2004
Trader dismissed for allegedly leaving her position open. Reached confidential settlement. As a result of this claim acted for several more traders in similar claims.

Commercial Litigation – Attorney General of Zambia v Meer Care Desai &; Ors – EWCA/CIV.2006/390
Sovereign state sued in the UK courts. 5 month trial held in the UK and Zambia. Lee represented the former Zambian Ambassador to the USA in corruption trial involving former president.

Commercial Litigation – Gresport Finance Ltd v Battaglia (2015) EWHC 2709
No security for costs ordered as defendant failed to attend mediation.

Commercial Litigation – Gresport Finance Ltd v Battaglia (2018) EWCA CIV 540

Claimant relied on S,21 &; 32 of the Limitation Act. Fraud and breach of trust.

Commercial Litigation – Acute Properties v Aposotolou 2013 EWHC 200

Commercial Litigation – Birmingham Dogs Home v Betfair (2017)
Lee represented the home in the recovery of all money stolen and gambled by a former Director of the charity.

Commercial Litigation – The Cake Decorating Company v Betway (2018)

Acted successfully for the business in the recovery of all money stolen and gambled by a former


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