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Ciara Smith


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  • Job Title: Solicitor
  • Experienced Solicitor
  • Area of Law:

Criminal Defence

Police Misconduct



Ciara has gained significant experience in the law over a number of years.  She qualified as a Police
Station Accredited Representative in 2011 and as a Solicitor in 2017.
Focusing her skills in the realm of criminal defence and police misconduct matters, Ciara has
established herself as a trusted advocate for her clients.  She provides an unwavering defence for
clients in collaboration with the Police Federation of England & Wales.  She represents Police
Officers across a spectrum of legal scenarios, spanning criminal cases, employment disputes, and
police discipline procedures.
Having served as a Duty Solicitor in both the Police Station and Magistrates Court, Ciara's experience
is extensive and diverse.  She has adeptly navigated an array of cases, ranging from complex offenses
like murder, assault, and sexual allegations to matters concerning motoring offenses.  Ciara's
proficiency extends to Road Traffic cases where she presents cases of Special Reasons and
Exceptional Hardship, skilfully addressing potential driving disqualifications with the utmost
In the realm of criminal accusations and misconduct allegations, Ciara recognizes the daunting
nature of the situation.  With her, clients find not only a seasoned legal professional but also a
reassuring presence.  Her commitment to providing professional and accurate advice is unwavering,
ensuring that clients receive the guidance they need while feeling supported and empowered.
 Ciara's dedication revolves around securing the best possible outcomes for her clients, irrespective
of the challenges they face.
Ciara's profile underscores her role as a compassionate and skilled advocate, adept at simplifying
complex legal processes for her clients.  With her guidance, clients are empowered to navigate their
legal matters with confidence, knowing that their best interests are at the forefront of every step.

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