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Financial Conduct Authority Investigations

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Why Taylor Law?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has wide-ranging powers to investigate those involved in all aspects of the financial services.
FCA penalties for wrongdoing can be severe, including unlimited fines, injunctions, the authority to make a public statement about unlawful actions, disciplinary action and, in the most serious cases imprisonment.

Expert legal advice and representation

If you are notified of an FCA investigation into your business or financial affairs, it is advisable to seek legal advice as soon as possible to protect your rights and interests.
At Taylor Law we understand the disruption that an investigation can cause, as well as the potential for damage to your business and reputation. We can ensure that the FCA does not exceed its powers when looking into your affairs and we will challenge its actions where appropriate.
We can advise and represent you throughout any investigation and put forward a robust defence on your behalf in the event that the FCA seeks sanctions against you.

FCA powers

The FCA has extensive powers to investigate all financial organisations, to include banks, building societies, financial services firms and financial markets. Its powers also extend to investigating other businesses in respect of their financial dealings.
Offences that can be investigated include insider dealing, breach of money laundering regulations, carrying out a regulated activity without FCA authorisation, issuing misleading statements, making unlawful financial promotions or taking part in illegal share schemes.
If the FCA suspects you of wrongdoing, it has the power to investigate all of your financial affairs, confiscate documents and financial records and interview you under caution.
You could lose your FCA authorisation, which could mean an end to your business. Your assets could be frozen or confiscated and you could also be subject to civil or criminal proceedings in the courts.

Professional help

It is recommended that you speak to an expert FCA solicitor as soon as possible. If you ask us to represent you, we will step in at once to advise you how to handle the investigation. We will make sure that we have copies of any confiscated documents and we will work to try and halt the investigation wherever possible.

If you are interviewed, we will advise you to ensure you do not inadvertently damage your case. If appropriate, we will negotiate with the FCA to reach an early settlement to minimise damage to your business and reduce any penalties that may be imposed.
In the event that your case proceeds to court, we will mount a strong defence on your behalf. We have contacts with expertise in adjacent areas such as forensic accountancy whom we can also call on for expert help.

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FCA investigations can be complex and damaging. At Taylor Law we will intervene early to minimise damage and disruption and ensure that your rights are safeguarded.
We have an excellent track record of success in working with clients in respect of FCA investigations, with expert civil and criminal defence solicitors in Leeds, Middlesbrough and London who can step in immediately to advise and represent you.

For an initial discussion, ring us on 0113 532 8100 (Leeds), 01642 221 108 (Middlesbrough) or 0203 780 7646 (London) or fill in our Contact Form.

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