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Mark Lennard

Legal Clerk

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  • Job Title: Legal Clerk


Mark is a distinguished Legal Clerk at Taylor Law.  With a 30-year tenure within the Police, Mark’s
journey is marked by a wealth of experience in Criminal Law.  His extensive background as a
seasoned Police Investigator within CID and various specialised roles attests to his profound
engagement with intricate and serious matters.

Throughout his illustrious career, Mark has delved into a diverse array of criminal offenses spanning
local, national, and international jurisdictions.  His leadership as a Senior Investigating Officer,
holding the rank of Detective Sergeant, has been pivotal in the Cleveland Police and the National
Crime Squad.

Mark’s legacy extends beyond investigations, as he seamlessly transitioned into being a Police
Federation Representative.  For many years, he lent his expertise to assist Federation Members
across a spectrum of issues, including disciplinary matters and employment challenges such as
grievances.  A true specialist in Police Misconduct, Mark has been an unwavering pillar of support for
numerous police officers throughout their careers, particularly when they’ve encountered
Performance, Attendance, and Disciplinary investigations.

In Mark, Taylor Law finds a stalwart presence, whose profound engagement with Criminal Law,
investigative prowess, and unyielding support for police officers are indicative of a career marked by
dedication and service.

Mark was a highly respected Police Federation Representative for many years assisting Federation Members in a wide variety of issues including Disciplinary matters, Employment issues including Grievances. Specialising in Police Misconduct, Mark has supported numerous police officers during their career when they have been subject to Performance, Attendance and Disciplinary investigations.

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“Thank you for all your help and advice, it really made a difference. Feedback, help and guidance. Thank you to all the team – first class”.


Craig D